Veganuary and beyond!

The first time I tried going vegan, I was a little apprehensive about it as I was pregnant then.  It was something totally new to me and to my dairy-obsessed family. They expressed many doubts about how this diet will satisfy my nutritional needs and I did not have answers for them. Even though I read about nutrition and blog posts of vegan mothers and plant-based doctors, I still kept doubting it---what if I did not do it right?

I stuck to a wholesome diet and included a variety of plant-based food, but the doubt was so strong that I did a nutrition test for two consecutive years to make sure I did not lack any nutrients.  My doubts were put to rest with the test results each time—be it about protein, iron, and other nutrients. I had to learn all about the names and sources of nutrients required, and this tedious task of ensuring I covered all the different essential nutrients was a mind-boggling and overwhelming chore for me. Now I keep it simple—I just eat a varied colourful wholesome diet, “eat the rainbow,” as they hashtag on Instagram, and add a supplement each for B12 and Vitamin D (during peak winters).

On February 9, 2021, it will mark 7 years since I took the first step to go vegan. Looking back now, all the apprehensiveness seems so unnecessary and almost foolish. It was one of the best decisions of my life and I have explored more food after turning vegan that I had ever did before! 

We stick to local seasonal and wholesome plant-based food. This Veganuary, we switched to oat milk in glass bottles from Oato. They are made from British-grown oats. This ticks all the boxes for us—vegan, plastic-free, and local. Yay!

If you are trying Veganuary and need inspiration to continue, do watch the documentaries below –

-              Cowspiracy (the environment impact of animal agriculture)

-              What the Health (more on the health aspects)

-              The Game Changers (health and recovery)

-              Land of Hope and Glory: UK Animal Farming (ethical aspects of farming)

-              73 Cows (A short 15-minute movie on a UK farmer)


And finally, if one understands the ‘why’ of vegan, the ‘how’ becomes easier. They were days when I was terribly disappointed that I could not get a decent cup of tea (that was back in days when not many alternatives were available), but it was the ‘why’ that helped me persist. Now I can relish the same cup of tea guilt-free. So hopefully, you will hang on and find the rewarding benefits of plant-based living.

If you would like any support on your journey, we are happy to direct you to the right resources. We understand it can get overwhelming with so much information on the internet. Happy Switching!

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