The most rewarding relationship

It was a faint crush during teens, where I did join a school club. I wrote and painted placards about her, but nothing felt too deep. I was happy when I spoke about her, I thought of her, dreamt of her and like a teen crush, I thought I was serious about her, but I was not.

The crush was there on and off but never too serious. A few years into adulthood, the crush fades and true love picks up. We consider scars on our face or body as an eye sore, but she deals with so many eye sores. The worst eye sore is a landfill. Have you ever seen one? Even though I had a crush and seeming love, I was also contributing to her eye sore. And so, one fine day, I decide to change and change myself for her.

2009– I started with no plastic bags for shopping. I wrote on my door    – Take your shopping bags. Forgetting is a lame excuse if you are serious about not contributing to the eye sore

2010 -It was so empowering to let go of disposable bags, I next switched to carrying water. I did reduce, but now a serious determination not to buy one. It realised it was such a simple step and I still fail to understand what is the big deal about it? Carrying your own bag, coffee cup, water bottle still seems like rocket science to some.

2011– Cut down my accessories – I got rid of the handbag, the watch and much of jewellery and I was more mindful of resources and the No to herd mentality became bigger and louder. I just did not feel the need for them, and it is liberating. There is no need to apply your mind on such petty things and you end up with so much time and so much space at your home and in your mind.

2012 -Community Water Harvesting and Climate Change teaching – The quest for learning and changing continued when I got an opportunity to do CSR at my office. I worked on teaching climate change to students and this years’ experience kicked up so many fires in me and elevated me to a different level of love for her.

2013 – Community Efforts in Singapore towards recycling books and encouraging reading, I started small steps in eating organic food and how pesticides create an adverse impact on all earthlings. My frequent relocations and my waste bin gave me a new fond love of minimalism. I stopped contributing to the mindless grabbing of what you generously give.

2014 – Birth of a vegan and this is when love was love was coupled with empathy for Earth and all its earthlings. Yoohoo Dairy is out, reducing my carbon footprint! Yes love, I do not contribute to the huge animal poop which has impaired vast lands and stole the greenery and beauty from you.

2015 – Killer Clothes – How clothes can kill you. It changed my perspective on clothing. I was conscious of clothing and impact on environment. How my choices splash out so many unpleasant ingredients on her. Time to make change again – I switched to more of natural fabrics and avoided artificial clothing

Since 2016 the change has been more frequent and so has the madness on you. From consuming more of organic, local and seasonal food, flying less, switching to more package free food, growing your own, composting , downright minimalism, ethical clothing, ethical purchasing, big time second hand lover, zero waste swaps, community efforts on environment to climate protests and public and school talks, a zero waste shop (ecofully) and many more planned for the better for both of us. It has been rewarding journey – I am more content and connected and living life soulfully and happily. From a crush love to a passionate love to now a maddening love. Happy Earth day. I think of you not just today, but every day and dream of a happier you!

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