• 5 ways to reduce your water footprint - World Water Day Special!

    Today is World Water Day and I was reflecting if there is anything we could do to ensure we all have access to clean water and  rivers. The obvious ones are : switching off taps when brushing, taking shorter showers, checking for leaks, water saving shower heads etc. Apart from these usual ones, ... View Post
  • Veganuary and beyond!

    The first time I tried going vegan, I was a little apprehensive about it as I was pregnant then.  It was something totally new to me and to my dairy-obsessed family. They expressed many doubts about how this diet will satisfy my nutritional needs and I did not have answers for them. Even though I... View Post
  • The most rewarding relationship

    It was a faint crush during teens, where I did join a school club. I wrote and painted placards about her, but nothing felt too deep. I was happy when I spoke about her, I thought of her, dreamt of her and like a teen crush, I thought I was serious about her, but I was not. View Post