Pride Month at ecofully

The month of June is usually buzzing with Pride Celebrations all over the world. This year the streets are missing the fervor due to COVID-19, and all events have been moved to online platforms. Over the last few decades, laws have been changed to confer equal rights on various aspects and progressively there has been social acceptance on the issue. However, in some countries, being LGBTQ+ is still considered a crime  and in some cases even punishable by death. Even in progressive countries, there is no complete acceptance yet. A lot needs to be done to change peoples’ mindsets to wholly accept them as equal.

People still show hatred and differentiation towards the LGBTQ+ community. Some people remain neutral towards them. They do not necessarily display hostility or express any views on the subject. However, they find it humiliating and unacceptable when a person in their own family turns out to be a queer and probably start questioning their own upbringing. Mockery and ridicule still exist, and are even justified as harmless. By not condoning the mockery, we are normalizing the attitude that being different is not normal.

 We are small team of four people and we have a monthly e-coffee meet. This month, we invited Vishnu Teja to our coffee meet. Vishnu Teja is an LGBTQ activist who gave a talk on the history of the movement, the progress made, and challenges that are still being faced by the LGBTQ community. The session was informative and raised awareness about the movement. Vishnu shared his personal stories and connected us to the violence and abuse faced by the LGBTQ community. Most of us are outside the LGBTQ+ movement, yet through simple acts of acceptance, raising awareness, educating our children, supporting LGBTQ business, watching movies on the subject, and reading  books on them will help significantly in breaking the inequality and differentiation.

 LGBT sex education is compulsory in UK from this year which is a great progress considering that more that 80% of them face abuse in schools. Hate crimes have increased in the recent years against LGBTQ community involving harassment, physical and verbal abuse. Violence is often perceived as a physical act, but violence can exist in thoughts and words too. It is upon each one of us to break this violence and to build a peaceful and equal world.  Alan Turing said on violence,  “Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes hollow.” Violence is futile and nothing can be gained from it. The best way to deter violence is to show love! 

 - Vivina

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