My sustainability goals for 2021!

2020 will down as an unforgettable year for the whole world, but one thing common arises out of every difficult time -resilience. Hope, perseverance, and resilience which helps us to strive and survive. While the new coronavirus strain may dampen hopes, we have no choice but to keeping trying and persevering. I would not say it was any easy year for ecofully, but yes there has been learning and happy moments here and there. Every new year gives a reason to set goals and try something different. Even if some may not have been achieved, there is sure to be progress where you stand better than the earlier year.
2020, we had zero plastic into landfill with the unrecyclable plastic packaging was sent to Terracycle. We did reduce our plastic packaging in transport and distribution from the manufacturers – either with zero plastic or bulk plastic packaging instead of individual ones. We are constantly striving to reduce our plastic footprint. We procured more UK based manufacturers in 2020 to encourage local business and consumption.
On a personal front in 2020, we did plan more local travel even before COVID hit. We did quite a few walks in 2020. It was our daughter’s birthday in Feb. It was initially suggested that we go to a warmer place for sunshine (which meant travelling internationally). We did end up planning surprises for her that she felt it was the best birthday ever. We decided to do more of slow travel and local travel. It is not about bucket list anymore but living moments and enhancing life with it.
We finished a year of composting and could use the fresh moist compost in our garden! We did a few DIY raised beds and veg beds with wooden crates and dumped wood and collected some garden waste from neighbours to compost in our bin. Do register at to collect waste and compost them or to donate scraps for people who are composting around. Lesser the waste must travel, lesser is the carbon footprint.
We did most of our shopping with local business, trying to keep the carbon footprint down and to support local economy and trust me it was not a difficult find for most things. Go vocal for local is the new mantra for sustainability.
I did try my hand at sewing this year and made a bag. I wish to enhance my sewing skills this year and try a hand at DIY and more repair with regards to clothing. 2021 I wish to learn more about veganic growing and encourage it in 2021 and do a course on compost toilets. There should be learning, doing, and teaching/speaking for an individual to learn and grow on the subject.
We as humans have no choice, but to preserve and keep trying to make this world a better place. Action alone leads to hope and keeps us alive. What are your zero waste, carbon, or waste reduction targets for 2021?
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