My journey to Veganism

It was 9th Feb 2014. I clearly remember that bright Sunday morning. Little did I realize then, that this day would be a game changer in my life. My family (parents, sister, and my daughter) left to another city to attend a wedding and they were away for the weekend. I was in my 7th month of pregnancy and so I stayed back with my husband and niece. She stayed over because she had her examinations going on and I was helping her in preparation. At one point of time, I thought I did a little too much and wanted her to take break. So, I took her to the Sunday market at the local community center.

I love visiting the local market. From organic produce to products of local artisans there is so much that feeds the eyes. My niece was out and around enjoying the market and I noticed a group of people with some leaflets and engaging in conversations. I was curious and went over and soon one of them approached me and started speaking about animals and veganism. I was a vegetarian then (gave up meat since I was 17 years old) and I was thinking all along I was kind to animals because I gave up meat, fish, and eggs. But hey, I was totally mistaken when I learnt about dairy. The realization hit hard, and I could relate to the feelings of the cow as I had a baby in my womb. I was thinking about it repeatedly and the idea of milk became less and less appealing for me.  

I did not announce it, for it would be a shocker to my family. I casually talked about it and I first refused to have ghee, butter, cheese, yogurt, and it eventually stopped with tea. My families were worried thinking I will not get calcium and protein and it will impact my health and the health of the baby. However, the activists were very helpful in debunking one myth after the other. And here I am a vegan for 6 years and so is my son – vegan since birth.

I am still grateful to the vegan community especially the activists who have made see the beautiful side of life, appreciate animals and their world, and made me more compassionate and empathetic. I have begun to realize the importance of these two virtues, so much so that if I have succeeded in teaching my child compassion and empathy, I have succeeded as a parent.



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