My 'Bag for Life'

Whenever I need to buy anything, I take a long a time to think over it and then decide to buy. I try to answer a lot of questions in my mind – Do I need it? Can I do without it? Can I go for second hand or borrow if it is a temporary need? Then they are loads of questions about the product too – What is made of? Is it biodegradable or recyclable? What are its chemical components or what materials is it made up of? Are there any animal ingredients? How long will it last? Who is manufacturing or making it? Are they ethical or eco-friendly? I try to answer as many questions and be as sure as possible before I buy anything.

However, today I had a totally different experience. I visited Zero Market London - the first Vegan and Zero Waste Market today. As we were visiting stalls, I came across Scavenger bags ( They make bags, belts and homeware out of climbing ropes. They are handmade from climbing equipment which are trashed out once they are not considered safe for use. These climbing ropes are cut into smaller pieces and thrashed so that they are not used again for climbing. Scavenger takes these ropes and makes home décor bags belts and other products. The products are rock solid. When I felt the hand bag it gave me a feeling that it is going to last for life – It was so strong. The lady who makes them, Tash, said we offer repairs for life. I was thinking to myself – Yes you can make such an offer as I seriously doubt this bag would even tear. It felt so strong that it can last for a lifetime.

I instantly fell in love with it. I was anyways looking for a sling bag, but I was trying to avoid using one. It has been years since I bought a bag and the last one was borrowed from my sister. It tore, and I did not use a hand bag/sling bag since then. But today, the decision to buy was instant. I loved her story, her efforts, her work and her products. I knew I could avoid a sling bag and be without it for some more time, but I love to support and encourage such ventures and so I went ahead and bought it.

My friend asked me, “I thought you don’t prefer recycled products and when I suggested a bag for NGT you refused it”. I replied, “Yes I don’t encourage recycled products because it gives an excuse to people to use more plastic, thinking they will be anyway be recycled. Honestly, even the recycled products don’t last long, and they may get into landfill soon. However, this one is different. The product is so strong, I am sure it will last a long time and the used climbing ropes are put to a good use instead of throwing them into landfill.

Thanks Scavenger! I will show off my new bag and speak about it whenever there is an opportunity. Love it and totally recommend!

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