I felt like a child again...

Drawing, colouring and painting don’t come naturally to me. I think most of the colouring I have ever done was either at school or completing the pictures which were half done by my children. I prefer colour pencils to sketch pens and crayons. They are simple, colourful and hassle free. I like paints too, however, I am lazy to bring water for painting, wash the colour palette after the painting is done, clean up for any mess etc. Looking for the caps of sketch pens is a daunting task. However careful I try to be, by putting the cap on the back of the sketch pen, I still end up looking for the cap of at least one colour sketch pen. I find it annoying when the sketch pens don’t colour uniformly and give a lighter drier shade in the midst of colouring. I usually keep them for outlines. Crayons are something which never gets over at my home. I insist my children to use crayons as well (I am a typical mom that feels all things bought/got need to be well used), but they don’t use it. They prefer colour pencils sketch pens and paints. Crayons are the least preferred option. Some of the crayons give that plasticky feel that even I switch to other options.

However, things changed after I laid my hands on a box of natural colour crayons. The feel of it is smooth and natural. I liked it so much that I picked up a fresh page and started drawing and shading and did not stop till the whole page was filled with some shade of colour. That is not something that I would do naturally, or probably I have not done for years. However, suddenly the idea of colouring with crayons seems exciting. My children and I showed our pages of colouring to each other and felt very proud of it as if we created something magical. Also, this is guilt free for a person like me, no petrochemicals, no nasties, just natural organic crayons! These natural crayons are vegan too, no beeswax. Yuhoo!


If you wish to indulge in some colouring or want to give a lovely colouring experience to children, buy these crayons from the below link or message us on Facebook/at the website.


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