• Sustainable Gifting

    Sustainable GiftingOn 2nd of Jan 2020, we went for a walk. It was chilling cold and we had never done walks in winter. It was probably the shortest one with the walk taking less 2.5 hours. We continued to go for walks through out the year and after each outing the desire for walks grew more and m... View Post
  • Sustainability – The impact of crime and violence

    As a result of the ubiquity of social media and connectivity, news spreads far and wide. Any crime that occurs is instantly spread, and the entire neighbourhood becomes aware of it via social media. With increased crime, there is an increase in gadget use, and not all gadgets are environmentally ... View Post
  • Bin the yogurt tub forever

    It is recycling week and some of us are very religious at recycling. We rinse our containers and bottles before putting it in the recycling bin, remove plastic windows from envelopes or the bubble wrap from padded envelopes, wash our takeaway aluminium/plastic trays, and put them for recycling. I... View Post