• My journey to Veganism

    It was 9th Feb 2014. I clearly remember that bright Sunday morning. Little did I realize then, that this day would be a game changer in my life. My family (parents, sister, and my daughter) left to another city to attend a wedding and they were away for the weekend. I was in my 7th month of pregn... View Post
  • Pride Month at ecofully

    The month of June is usually buzzing with Pride Celebrations all over the world. This year the streets are missing the fervor due to COVID-19, and all events have been moved to online platforms. Over the last few decades, laws have been changed to confer equal rights on various aspects and progre... View Post
  • Peaceful coexistence - A reflection on World Environment Day

    The recent times have been painful and distressful. Instances of being denied  basic respect and acceptance makes us think. What is that we are missing and how can we make it better? Where do we draw a line for non-acceptance? After all humans, animals, things, situations, and everything we perce... View Post