• Earth Day 2021 - 21 Ways to help the planet

    We did a 21-day earth day challenge on our social media. We have included them in this blog article under different headings. These predominantly include changes that I have made personally or acts done to improve environmental awareness. We need an Earth day every day and these changes can help ... View Post
  • 5 ways to reduce your water footprint - World Water Day Special!

    Today is World Water Day and I was reflecting if there is anything we could do to ensure we all have access to clean water and  rivers. The obvious ones are : switching off taps when brushing, taking shorter showers, checking for leaks, water saving shower heads etc. Apart from these usual ones, ... View Post
  • Impactful parenting for low impact living

    From losing two classmates back in school days to losing a friend last week, I have seen so many deaths that the sheer unpredictability of life has now become ingrained in me. The thought, “What if I’m next?” crosses my mind. When playing out these scenarios, children are at the forefront of our ... View Post